Latest anki first aid rapid review [2020]

The USMLE Step I First Aid Rapid Review courses are formulated as a means of having an outline review a little before preparing for the exams. This First Aid Rapid Review course is useful as a handy material for a better understanding of the medical learners founded by two medical practitioners ‘Rahul Damania’ and ‘David Shafran’.

Rahul Damania is a hardworking medical practitioner and educator. He had begun teaching his first USMLE course when he was in the first year of medical college. Rahul has integrated the course in a way that is easy for medical learners to comprehend. 

“I am committed to helping students apply & integrate content for the USMLE. I use an evidence-based, active-recall approach coupled with productivity strategies to align students’ performance with their potential.”

David Shafran is a practicing pediatrician and co-founder of the USMLE First Aid Rapid Review course. He was amusingly astounded to see how a first-year student could deliver actual content with ease. 

“Patients are integrated, and so medical learning should be as well. This kid gets it!”

The USMLE review courses are designed keeping in mind the fact that it is not a primary material for the curriculum BUT a reference material for having an overview of the context, especially for the step I learners.  

The Anki first Aid Rapid review consists of Anki Decks that are integrated accurately based on the year of examination with theoretical and practical (equation) topics. The content available on First Aid Rapid Review Anki Web is a precise rapid revision section. A quick revision before the examination. 


Latest anki first aid rapid review [2020]


Overview about the founder of anki first aid rapid review

Since there is an ample amount of information available on the net for every curriculum. There are broad ranges of virtual courses that keep on adding each passing year. But the question that arises here is how do you choose that one course which is close to what you are looking for? Simply put it is important to have a detailed review of the best options available and then shortlisting the key needs that match your search and then form an unbiased opinion and choose your favorable course. 

Rahul himself is a passionate physician who believes in learning at every step of life be it from his patients, colleagues, staff, and his students as well. He understood the need for availing a content that has an exact overview of the subject matter of the concern during the final preparations for examinations. 

Thus, the first aid rapid review course is constructed with the same ideology which includes the following points as key objectives:


  • Learn from Experience
  • Think like the Test Maker
  • See it All
  • Get Motivated 


“Rahul’s Rapid Review sessions were just what I needed right before my test date. He utilizes active recall for high yield topics in a very efficient way, which makes the material stick with you better. He is clearly very passionate about teaching medicine and making sure his students do well.”

This USMLE review course is not based on only examination view but also as a curriculum that has the medical knowledge applicant in clinical practices. There is a simplified content available on the First Aid Rapid Review Anki decks that are formulated for easy access as a study guide for revision purposes while accomplishing examinations. 

The First Aid Rapid Review course does not only provide educational knowledge but also flares out into how it can be managed and used smartly in the practices. The course also empowers with motivation and proper guidance to the medical learners in order to enhance their confidence in their clinical understanding. 


Latest anki first aid rapid review [2020]


What does the first aid rapid have to offer?

This rapid review course offers four, 90-minute lectures that cover 400 highest yield Step I concepts (First Aid for USMLE Step I). The table of contents of the curriculum is divided into 4 lectures each backed by an Anki Deck that has notes as well as UWorld notes required for a quick review of the topic. 

The study has been precisely analyzed into organ systems: 

  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • General pathology
  • General Pharmacology

These fundamental topics are accurately divided amongst the lectures. These lectures are also seconded by power points that enable medical learners to make notes and refer to them. 

The course is also made available in private tutoring by Rahul himself. The medical learners are furthermore welcomed to reach out to Rahul for any queries regarding the course and it’s the curriculum.


Latest anki first aid rapid review [2020]


What is the pricing and packaging of the anki first aid rapid?

The price of this Anki First Aid Rapid review course is $100. This amount is inclusive of the following:

  • 4 video lectures
  • Handout material
  • Anki Decks correlated to First Aid
  • Rapid Review Biochemistry Metabolic Pathways PowerPoint

This is one of the prominent USMLE review courses that has been a great assistance for medical learners over the years. It is understood that it is quite questionable to invest your hard work money directly into a course that implies that it has content accurate enough that would guide you through your examination. Therefore, the reviews about this course and the credibility of them along with Rahul’s practicing credibility as an educator is reassurance enough for the potential medical learners to invest in the course. However, irrespective of the reason if a person isn’t satisfied with the course the amount is guaranteed refundable. 


Summation of the reviews:

“The rapid review course was crucial in helping me get a quick review of the high yield topics a week before my STEP I date. The UWorld notes I used to accelerate my review of question blocks, which drastically cut down on my time needed to dedicate to that aspect of studying.”

This given First Aid Rapid review signifies the credible evidence of the course and how it is efficient for medical learners while preparing for their exams. It is a handy material that helps them throughout their duration of the upcoming Step I test. 

“The Rapid Review session was extremely helpful! It was concise and engaging. Probably the best use of 6 hours in my dedicated period!”

This Anki First Aid Rapid review course is a fruitful course that makes sure the medical learner comprehends the information easily and precisely. With the help of it, there’s a sense of confidence that arises in the students about the curriculum that they’ve overviewed and understood for factual application. 

“The rapid review session is well worth your time, especially if you have a test coming up in a few weeks. It covers so many high yield topics in such a short amount of time and can integrate them across organ systems.”

This USMLE review course encourages medical learners to assimilate the delivered clinical knowledge easily without consuming too much time. It is well integrated across organ systems which are further allocated into lectures that give accurate information about the topic of the hour. 


Conclusion and final words:

The USMLE review course not only aids medical learners with contextual clinical knowledge but also motivates and guides them throughout their period of the forthcoming Step I test. 

The factual review that Rahul makes sure to keep track of his student’s progress and provides continuous encouragement in boosting their morale is evidence enough for the positively outlined credibility of the course. 

Though it is always advised to research any course of the topic before taking it into consideration. It is a fair thing to do to analyze the course reviews before forming an informed opinion about it and being able to enroll the best to avail honors from it. 

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