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Clever Programmer Course Review

It would be outrageously biased to recommend the Clever Programmer course for all those active and non-active programmers out there. One should be relatively well versed and I formed about all the platforms offering a similar or exact program course. 

Though it would be wise to say that the opportunity at the hand of availing the basic skills of Python and Computer Programming should not slip out of your hands. Research well with all the evident reviews and trial videos on YouTube and make a wise decision that could change your life for good. 

What more privileging would it be than caring for a person in need? How often do we get such an opportunity to dedicate our time and energy to miraculously helping a person at hand that needs intense care and treatment.? It may be believed that a doctor is referred to as ‘God’ on earth to look after our betterment BUT don’t we agree that nurses are the ones who are at our back and call throughout our recovering phase?

Therefore, there are several courses that help these nurses to appear and clear their examination of becoming a certified nurse. But the primary concern here is how to evaluate which one is the one for their assistance? With relevant research and reliable reviews here we are presenting the ‘Jeff Solheim Enterprises’ which aims to provide these nurses with adequate guidance through the CEN review course that would help them ace their BCEN examination of becoming a ‘Certified Emergency Nurse.

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[2020] Latest clever programmer review

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Jeff Solheim is the founder of Solheim enterprise who has developed this course as a one-stop support step for the CEN applicants. They are equipped with accurate step-by-step instructions and guidance towards their nursing career. 

cen review course jeff solheim

Overview of the founder of cen course jeff solheim

Jeff Solheim has prominent roots in the nursing background spreading out to clinical nursing in medical, surgical, and emergency medicine; cruise ship nursing, and flight nursing. Jeff is a well-known author who has written over 25 books and is an immensely motivating certified clinical speaker. Jeff Solheim is also presently the president of the ‘Emergency Nurses Association’.

“I’ve been a full-stack developer successfully making a 6-figure income for multiple years as a freelancer. Now, I’m a CEO at Clever Programmer and help other people in kicking ass at becoming a profitable developer. Clever Programmer is a coding school. I believe in NON-SLEEP INDUCING high-quality tutorials that change people’s lives.”

This CEN courses online domain has a vast reach that offers concise BCEN preparation material to the candidates with videos, graphics, lectures, and a set of questions. The Jeff Solheim CEN review course comes as a series of videos with high-quality content in a comprehensive and interactive style 

cen review course jeff solheim

What does the cen course jeff solheim have to offer?

This CEN review course by Jeff Solheim has a vast array of nursing information available in the form of lectures, graphics, and videos that are created as per the content of the curriculum. The information is provided in a simplified manner that makes the concepts clear and convincing. 

The table of contents of the course include:

  • Shock and Multi-System Trauma
  • Cardiovascular Emergencies
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Genitourinary/Obstetrical/Gynecological Emergencies
  • Neurological Emergencies
  • Respiratory Emergencies
  • Toxicological and Environmental Emergencies
  • Patient Care Management/ Professional Issues
  • Maxillofacial Emergencies
  • Wound and Orthopedic Emergencies
  • Psychological/Social Emergencies

Jeff Solheim has designed this course in a layman’s terms of knowledge using his clinical humor while sharing his medical stories and experience. The course along with theoretical and practical knowledge also makes sure to assess your understanding with 2 relevant tests and one final examination. 

There are significant Jeff Solheim Cen reviews that are evidence enough for the credibility of the online nursing course. These reviews are relevant to real-life success stories from the minority of emergency nurse candidates.  

cen review course jeff solheim

What is the pricing and packaging deal of the cen course jeff solheim?

This Jeff Solheim CEN course is available at the price of $250 which is a one-time investment that gives you access to the course content for an entire year. This amount is considered inclusive of the 3 practice tests and one practice examination worth $135. 

A monthly subscription is at $50 which would be charged each passing month for the duration of the subscription. There’s also an individual option available for the course at $150 for one year access to the CEN content. 

It comes with a first 30 days refund policy if the candidate is not happy or is unsatisfied with it in any way. The CEN course is an honest and strongly personalized course that makes sure the candidate is prepared and certain about achieving their goal of clearing the BCEN examination. 

Summation of the reviews: 

” After failing the CEN the first time and just trying the books I got from Amazon, I took the CEN course in Oregon City. The instructors were amazing and the course itself was very interactive, so you’re not sitting and listening to a lecture for 8 hours a day.

I just passed my exams. Thank you, Solheim!”

This Jeff Solheim CEN course review is a pertinent prospect for the reach and its accessibility to the potential applicants. The course is formulated in an interactive and figurative description that ensures the applicant’s interest and involvement.  

“The CEN reviews help to put material into focus. Jeff was very helpful with the suggestion of not looking so far into a question that you are actually missing what the writer is asking. The review steered me in the right direction regarding the material that you need to know to take the CEN.”

This CEN course review puts might on the fact that the course review doesn’t not only provide accurate theoretical knowledge but also ensures practical experience. This aspect works as encouragement and motivation for the candidates to build certainty in their understanding and towards their BCEN examination objectives. 

“I took the course a few weeks before my exam and I felt much better about taking the exam. Today I took my exam and passed.

This two-day CEN review course is quick and easy to comprehend with reasonable optimum results. It evidently helps with the preparation and execution of the curriculum information and acing the exams and becoming a Certified Emergency Nurse. 

Conclusion and final words: 

It is as it is a tough nut to crack to become an emergency nurse, therefore, there’s a lot of uncertainty and doubts while preparing for the BCEN exams for which applicants opt to look for courses that would give them just the assistance required. 

The Jeff Solheim CEN review course has it’s credibility in terms of the content offered and Jeff himself has been an emergency nurse. It is also always preferred to have a reference from a person of experience in the very field to have primary access to the knowledge and experience stories to learn from. Hence, this suggests how beneficial it is to be an applicant of Solheim Enterprises. 

Though it is always smart to have detailed research about the course of question and examining the credibility of the reviews to make a choice that would be a much-needed push for you to ace your exams and further accomplish being a Certified Emergency Nurse. 

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